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Why do my socks wear out so fast?

I've had a real problem lately with socks. It seems they wear out much faster that they used to. I've tried several major brands and it's the same. I'm spending a lot of time sewing up holes in the toes and heels and it's not like I'm doing power walking or jogging - I'm pretty sedentary.


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  1. Maybe it’s too much bleach in your washing, or new detergent. It may just be that you wear your socks around the house without shoes, that’s what wears mine out. It may just be one of those mysteries!!

  2. 2 words:

    Moth balls

  3. Going by your icon, I assume you’re female. What is a woman doing wearing socks anyway? You should be wearing nylons.

    But seriously, I my opinion, to keep manufacturing costs down the socks might be made form recycled fabrics. Each time the material is reprocessed it weakens the fibers. Try different brands until you find one you’re satisfied with. Also look on the packaging for an indication they are made from recycled fabrics and don’t purchase those.

  4. It is a possibility that you are walking around your home with just socks on and no slippers this is not a wise thing to do with socks as this causes friction and makes your socks wear out faster and easier than ever

    Or perhaps your nails are too long this can happen with your socks your nails could be poking through the weave in the socks or cutting the material

    Even slippers or shoes can make socks wear out faster if they do not fit correctly shoes that are loose will wear socks out faster than anything

    And if your feet sweat alot or profusely this will speed up wear and tear on your socks also, to help slow down this problem dust your feet with cornstarch or baking soda or wear liners under your socks to help lessen wear on your socks

    Good Luck !

  5. Don’t use pure 100% bleach as this eats holes and cause yellowing after so many washes.

    Instead of super hot water switch to warm

    Try this deteregert I use on my whites it called Foca they sell at liquor stores, super markets & some 99 cents stores. You can pick up a small bag to try out for 99 cent. If you like the small switch to larger bag switch is 4IB for 2.85 and 10IB for 5.99 they sell at wal-mart. I am not trying to sell it. I just find it much cheapper and works better than Tide

    Let your socks and whites soak for 1 hour in wash machine before leting the wash start the cyle of washing the clothes. Just leave the top lid.

    Time after time I have so many people at the laundry mat pour like half buck in clothes or use try laundry then needed.

  6. Look for socks that have reinforced toes and heels, that will definitely help. I’ve had some for years and so has my wife. Keep your toenails trimmed. Take it easy on the bleach. These suggestions should help!

  7. Do you prefer to take your shoes off? If so, you’re just like me.

    People who go shoeless in the house tend to go through socks quickly. You need to buy socks with reinforced toes and heels. They really do last twice as long. The brand I’ve had the most luck with is Merona. With those, I’ve only had to buy a six-pack of socks maybe once a year, despite spending most of my time in stocking feet.

  8. This was happening with my family.We dont wear shoes in the house, and our socks were wearing out etc almost overnight. So now we all also take our socks off and wear slippers, its made a big difference.

  9. What is a woman doing wearing socks? Keeping her feet warm! Blimey, is Victoria still on the throne? I’d like to see you try going about in the getup that men think that women ‘should’ wear. Teetering about on heels the size of a 5p piece, freezing to death in ‘nylons’ and a short skirt. Get real, boyo. Equality means the right not to look like a blow-up doll and the right to be warm and comfortable – which is not a privilege reserved exclusively for men. Love.

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